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AFTER WORKING WITH ANIMALS FOR 50 YEARS (I started as a young teenager) from house pets to zoo species, including primates, I have found that the majority of problems are created by well meaning, loving pet owners. These problems are generally easy to identify and correct. Many of us see a “trainer” when our pet exhibits annoying or destructive behavior. Obedience training is only one important part of the behavior modification process. Our pets can learn to sit and stay, but will still destroy the house when left unattended.
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LIVE IN HARMONY WITH YOUR PET Can your pet seem like an angel and a little devil rolled into one? Domesticated dogs and cats are required by our society to make adaptations, that can be in odds with their genetic behavior patterns. It’s our duty as humans to educate ourselves not only in our pets’ physical aspects, but also in the behavioral arenas that affect our lives together.
CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS The triad of adaptation, which is anatomy, physiology and behavior, must be addressed in order to achieve true behavior changes. Many behavior problems have a basis in the physical area. Your veterinarian and behaviorist can play vital roles in achieving success. Drug therapy and nutritional changes, in combination with behavior modification, can be effective in many areas, such as Cognitive Disfunction Syndrome. Homeopathic remedies can also play a large part in resolving a pet’s phobias and separation anxieties.
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