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Besides house pets, Christina has also worked extensively with primates, raising Chimpanzees and Macaques in her own home. The human-animal bond is an important aspect of her work, as is helping children with behavior problems through the use of dogs in 4-H programs. Her adult children, Kyle and Anna, are an integral part of All-Dogs Hair Haven. Animal rescue is also dear to her heart and just another essential aspect of the community service of All Dogs Hair Haven, with 10% of the profits being donated to pet rescue.
All Dogs Hair Haven will groom your pet correctly for his breed, which includes proper physical care, such as cleaning and plucking excess hair from his ears, trimming his toenails, checking his anal sacs and checking his teeth for tartar. We note any physical changes, such as skin problems, growths, possible infections or any other abnormality that should be checked by your Veterinarian.
Christina Crawfis, award winning master groomer and animal behavriorist, has been working with and training dogs, horses and many other types of animals for over 50 years. She has administered three veterinary hospitals as a technian and administratively. Christina was first runner up for the prestigious Lee County “Citizen of the year” award in 2009.
Christina Crawfis (middle), her son Kyle, and daughter Anni with her Baby Ivorybella, all part of All Dogs Hair Haven
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We can also assist you in choosing the proper products for your pet. An additional fee is charged for medicated shampoos, conditioners and matted coat condition.
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