National Cat Groomers
Institute of America
IS YOUR DOG TRAINING YOU? It’ s important to learn how to read your dog’ s body language. K- 9 Kindergarten is designed to promote th e most positive beh aviors necessary to ensure a long and rewarding relationsh ip with your dog. Course subjects will be: Basic obedience commands Body language interpretation Housebreaking Proper feeding Proper & appropriate training equipment Lead training Correct breed- appropriate h ome grooming care Classes are approximately one hour per week for five weeks. A ll dogs must have veterinary verification of Distemper complex and Bordetella vaccination, a negative fecal check, Rabies vaccination (if over four month s) and have flea and tick prevention Cost: $375 per person for 5 weeks. Must be prepaid and is not refundable
Christina and Son Kyle Instructors
also Winner in 2005, 07, 08, 10, 14, 15
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